Starting a Journey

Please join me on a journey. Some of you already know about this journey–others are hearing about it for the first time. I am on a journey to become a published author. Each week, I will post a devotional for you to read that will, hopefully, inspire you in your walk with the Lord. I hope you will come along! Thank you.


About simplydevotions

author; mother; teacher; friend; runner.
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6 Responses to Starting a Journey

  1. Tammy Lanius says:

    This devotional gave me a visual of this story. And I’m now chuckling at the thought. I’m going to share this tonight at dinner. Thanks for sharing your love of the Bible with us.

  2. Sam Goodloe says:

    I have enjoyed your posts. They are thought-provoking and entertaining.

  3. Adrienne Chandler says:

    Yes, same last name and so proud of you! I keep you in my prayers as I’m sure you weekly are looking to the Father for wisdom and insight to share with His children. Jesus often used the everyday to make a spiritual point. It’s a sure way to make a connection. Keep up the great work and continue to seek the Lord for what He would have you share. Love you!

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