Puppy on a Boat Ramp

Lo, I am with you always.”—Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Our family loves to go camping, and there is a lakefront campground not too far from our home. Friends of ours invited us to go and they have a boat, so this trip included fishing and water skiing. Ava, our puppy, went along for the trip. She loved the new trails, abundance of squirrels to chase, and the sunshine at lakeside. The boat ramp, however, frightened her. She was terrified to step out onto that ramp. It was made of grated metal—the kind you can see through, and little paws could slip through, if she were not careful. She did not like seeing the water through the ramp, and she definitely did not enjoy water lapping up onto the ramp because of the passing boats. One morning, I took her to the ramp—just the two of us. The water was peaceful, the morning sun was bright, and there were no boats in sight. I gently coaxed her out onto the ramp. Little by little, she inched her way out, crouching and shaking. I heard myself say, “Why are you so afraid? I am right here.”

“So am I,” God spoke to my heart. Just like our puppy, the boat ramp leading to my next adventure in life daunted me. God was asking me to step out of the comfort zone, leave the shore of satisfaction, and join Him in the boat of faith for a cruise into deeper waters. Afraid and cowering, I was inching out, just like our puppy. Knowing I needed to go, believing He would not lead me into danger, I was trying to step onto that ramp and go. I was trying to be brave, but in my heart, I was terrified. God was right there, patiently waiting for me to realize His presence means I have nothing to fear. I knelt down by Ava and rubbed her favorite spot behind her ear. “It’s ok, girl,” I said, “I am right here, and so is He.”

Thought-provoker: What life adventure is waiting for you at the end of fear’s ramp? What fear is holding you back? Go, trust your heavenly Father, and jump in the boat!

Father, thank You that there is nothing to fear in Your presence. Help me take the step of faith You are asking of me, today, and because You are with me—let the adventure begin! Amen.

I hope you all have a good, Godly day!


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