The Hole

“Don’t collect for yourselves treasure on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But collect for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves don’t break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”, Matthew 6:19-20, HCSB.

After the heat of a long summer, the weather finally broke. I woke up to a chill in the air and eager anticipation. The first cold snap deemed it a necessity to wear my favorite sweater. I dug into the back of my closet to get it—a cute pink sweater with a crochet overlay. I am not typically a “girlie-girl,” but this sweater was feminine and cute, and it fit right in all the right places.

As I pulled it out, my smile melted away. There in the middle of the front panel—a hole. I took the sweater to my sewing table and tried three different ways to fix the hole. The hole seemed to reappear, no matter how I tried to fix it. Something had frayed the fibers in that one spot, and no amount of sewing would hold them together anymore. My sweater was ruined by some sneaky pest—a moth, time, or perhaps some kind of chemical, and now I could not wear it. I sighed as I put it down and then went digging in my closet for another sweater to wear, because it was still chilly, and I had to find something to help me stay warm.

What if—what if things didn’t wear out? What if colors didn’t fade, or fabrics didn’t dry rot? What if tools lasted, and houses didn’t get leaks? What if we were always healthy, happy and got what we wanted in this life? I believe we would think life is more permanent than we should. I think we would become secure in the temporary, and satisfy our souls with the physical. We would neglect eternal values and settle for present pleasures. But, houses do need repairs; things do wear out, and our favorite sweaters do get holes. God changes our circumstances so our hearts do not settle for the here and now; He allows our hearts to yearn for something more. So much more, because we yearn for Him—we yearn for all of His power, presence, and peace and we learn to be secure in His love. His eternal love that never wears out, fades, or gets holes in it. He is the permanent favorite our hearts seek—and He will keep us warm not matter how chilly the day may be!

Thought-provoker: Where is your focus? Is Christ your soul’s favorite, or are you settling for something far less? Take time to truly think about where your heart’s desire is today.

Lord, please be my soul’s favorite and my heart’s desire! Consume me with Your permanence, secure my heart’s devotion steadfastly in Your eternal love. Only then, will my spirit be truly satisfied and my soul content! Amen.


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