The Broken Ornament

“Behold! My Servant whom I have chosen, My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased! I will put My Spirit upon Him, And He will declare justice to the Gentiles. He will not quarrel nor cry out, Nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets. A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory; And in His name Gentiles will trust.” Matthew 12: 18-21, NKJV.

Decorating is an ordeal at our house. We have lots of decorations, and I love to pull them out and make the house look like Christmas. Every room gets a Christmas make over as we transform from our everyday décor to red, green, and white! Thankfully, our children don’t mind helping, and putting up the Christmas tree is a family activity. We had been working for awhile, pulling the boxes out of the attic, unwrapping the decorations, and putting them on the tree. I pulled out a special box of ornaments to start working on, when I heard a noise that made my heart sink—tinkling glass. That sound that glass makes when it is broken in little pieces inside a box. I rooted through the box and carefully opened the little white box that made the sound again when I touched it. Inside, a glass-blown nativity set was in pieces. In the jostling of cleaning out the attic during the summer, something must have shifted and put too much pressure on the little box; the ornament inside could not withstand the force, and it broke.

I sat for a moment with the broken pieces in my lap, remembering who had given it to me, and cherishing the friendship that the ornament represented. Then, I gingerly picked up the broken glass and threw it in the trash. There was no remedy for the broken ornament, and it was best to throw away the pieces so that no one would be injured on the shards that were left.

I am so glad that our heavenly Father never sees us as broken ornaments beyond repair. I am glad that we are redeemable in His eyes, and that He finds a way to make each of us a story for His glory. There are times when pressure is applied to us in this life, but God will make sure that no pressure is too much. He will not allow circumstances, trials or tribulations to crush us under their force. None of us will wind up in the trash in God’s home—we are each an ornament for His pleasure, and He is pleased to keep us and allow us to reflect His light, not just at Christmas time, but every day we live. How precious we are to Him! How loving He is to us! Merry CHRISTmas!

Thought-provoker: As we move through this busy time of year—decorating, gift-giving, family time and memories—take some time to remember to let God’s light shine through your life and be His glorious ornament no matter where you are!

Lord, thank You that we are never beyond Your redemptive power! Help us to shine as lights in this world for You during this Christmas season and into the coming year! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus! Amen.


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