New Year, New Opportunities!

Hello, Everyone!

A new year, new opportunities! That is the theme for Devotions from Everyday Things for 2013!  Here are some of the new opportunities for this year:

*Devotions from Everyday Things is in e-book format!  You can order your copy from Barnes&; or  It’s easy and it’s only $3.99!

*I am kicking off a speaking “tour” in 2013! If you would like me to come speak to your group, please email and we will schedule your event.  No group is too big, or too small–we want to minister to you where you are!

*New book signings are coming in 2013!  Please come out and join us for the book signing in your area–we will post them on the blog as the dates become definite.  We want to meet you this year!

*New book in 2013?!  A second in the series of Devotions from Everyday Things is already in the works. Please pray about the timing and finances–we want to be able to minister with another book if God will allow it!

Thank you for your support and prayers!  It is such a privilege to serve you in this coming year!

I hope you have a good, Godly day!



About simplydevotions

author; mother; teacher; friend; public speaker.
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