Summer Adventure–Day Two

Good Morning! Here is another devotion about the chicken coop, and I promise, tomorrow will be a different topic. ☺ Enjoy this one, and I hope to see you tomorrow!

The Red Hawk

Do not remove the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28 (ESV).

When we moved to our new home, one of the assets was a chicken coop. The coop has an indoor room with roosting boxes and an outdoor area that is fenced and wired over the top. We were blessed by the addition of nine hens as a house- warming present, and they took to the new coop very well and enjoyed the new space to scratch and lay.

I thought about allowing the “girls” to roam in the yard and be able to come and go from the coop as they wanted, but it was a good thing I hesitated in allowing them to do that. Just a few days after they joined us, a huge red hawk began to swoop over our pastures and front yard. He kept circling above the outdoor area, but the wire kept him from hurting the hens. In his frustration, he went after other wild birds on the property, and we sadly watched the demise of a few of them as the hawk clutched them out of the air and flew off.

The screen and wire were built by the former owners. They were already in place and they were ready to use when our new hens arrived. The former owners knew about the hawk, and they had put safety measures in place to protect their team of egg layers.

In our lives, God has already built the structures and the protections that we need—they are the guidelines He laid out in His Word. Guidelines that protect us from the evil one, from harm and from destruction because He loves us. We care about our chickens, that is why we don’t let them roam free and make them vulnerable to attacks from the sky. God loves us and that is why He gives us guidelines about holy living—what we should do, and what we shouldn’t—so we do not find ourselves in costly situations created by our own free roaming.

We should be grateful for the fences that God has provided. They keep us safe. They keep us protected. They frustrate the enemy, who wants nothing more than to devour us. The next time we are tempted to complain or push against the fences, be reminded that the red hawk is circling above and he wants nothing more than to cause harm to the flock of God. Appreciate the fences—they are placed in love.

Thought-provoker: what fences are you pushing on or complaining about that you really should be thankful for instead? What are you going to do to change your attitude?

Lord, thank You for the fences and protections You provide to keep us safe from the ever-circling, devouring enemy. Please give us grateful hearts for the guidelines You have in place and help us to stop wishing for the free-spirit that makes us totally vulnerable to attack. Open our eyes to see Your love for us instead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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