Eyeglasses, Day Six of the Summer Adventure Series

Good morning, and welcome to Day Six of the Summer Adventure Series. Enjoy this one, and I hope to see you tomorrow.  Have a good, Godly day! Blessings, tammy

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways, Psalm 119:37, ESV.

I have had them since I was nine years old. When my third grade teacher noticed that I was squinting very hard from the fourth row back and I knew my times tables, but could not see them on the board, she mentioned it to my mom. A trip to the eye doctor and then they became a vital part of my life. Eyeglasses. I did not want to wear them, but everything was foggy and out of focus without them.

I have had every style you can imagine. Tiny frames, trying to make it less obvious that I wear eyeglasses. Then, owl-sized round ones, square lenses, round lenses, scientist/academic, to sports ones that changed from clear to dark when I went out in the sun. I even wore contact lenses for a long time so that people did not know I had to wear corrective lenses. But, the reality is, without them, I still cannot see.

But how life opens up when I put them on! All of sudden, instantaneously, everything that was foggy and unfocused becomes crystal clear. I see the Lego on the floor and don’t step on it (how nice to avoid that searing pain first thing in the morning!), I can see the clear glass in the cabinet and I can see the juice pour from the container into that cup to avoid making a huge mess. I can see the sun coming up in the morning and I can see the stop sign when I am driving. My glasses make the difference between chaos and clarity as I walk through life.

God has given us a much-needed pair of spiritual glasses through His Word. Without it, we cannot see life clearly and most of the time, we stumble through chaos, seeing worthless things and focusing on the wrong stuff. But with His Word, we see the world as it is, lost and separated from Him and His love, and we can see clearly to guide others into His fantastic family. His Word helps us to avoid making messes and it gives clear direction about things that are right and wrong. His Word shows us the stop signs in the life we must heed as we are journeying through and His Word gives us clarity as we maneuver through trials and joy.

Today, I accept that I need my glasses—both physically and spiritually. How about you?

Thought-provoker: are we willing to use the spiritual glasses God has given us in His Word or do we prefer for our world to be out of focus? Let’s take time to put the spiritual glasses on today.

Lord, thank You for the glasses You have provided both physically and spiritually so we can see clearly. Help us to wear and use the glasses You have provided so that we avoid making messes and focus on the worthwhile things You have for us today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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