A Sneak Peak, Summer Adventure Series Day 9

Hello, Everyone! Thank you for joining me again today.  Here’s a special treat–a sneak peak at the new project I am working on, Devotions from Everyday Jobs.  Let me know what you think :). I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Blessings, tammy

The Meter Reader

Do not quench the Spirit. I Thessalonians 5:19, HCSB.

Ava, our dog, usually sees him first. She barks furiously at the front door as he comes by once a month on a Segway. He is not an intruder; we know he has a job to do and we know why he is here. The meter reader stops at the side of our house, checks the numbers on several dials, records his findings and heads off to another house in the neighborhood.

I do not know about you, but I am thankful for the Meter Reader. He understands what the numbers and dials on the meter mean, and he gets an accurate reading so we are charged for the power we use and not the bill for the whole neighborhood. He makes sure we are only responsible for what goes on in our home when it comes to power usage.

The Holy Spirit is our spiritual meter reader. He gauges the heat of our spiritual life—are we walking firmly in the will of God, or are we sitting on the proverbial fence with the world? Sometimes, our natural nature is a lot like Ava. We sense the Holy Spirit, and we balk at His presence. We know who He is and we know why He is there. He is not an intruder—He is the God of all comfort, and He is there to help us keep our own things in order. He does not expect us to take on the responsibilities of all the other homes in our neighborhoods—that is His job.

So, what do we do with the information from the Meter Reader? Interestingly, our bill not only shows us how much we owe, but it also shows us how much power we are using. In the physical realm, we check our power usage to be sure we are being good stewards of the money we have set aside for utilities.

Spiritually, we should not be holding back because God has given us everything we need to live out the Christian life as hot believers (I Peter 1:3-5). Notice I did not say “hot mess” believers, but “hot.” We are powered by Him, engulfed in His mercy and empowered by His grace. The Holy Spirit convicts us where we need it, and He alone knows how to read the meters of spiritual growth in our lives. We need to quiet the barking of our natural natures and we need to let Him do His job and let Him show us where we need His power today.

Thought-provoker: Are you listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and letting Him show you where you need spiritual power today?

Lord, thank You for the spiritual readings You give us as we strive to live for You. Help us to feel Your conviction, submit to Your Spirit and accept the power You give us to live holy lives for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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